December 6, 2017

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My roommates were like Jekyll and Hide. During the week, they were the nicest guys you ever met, but come the weekends, when they were drunk, they would get mean. They would make a huge mess, break things, and one day they even punched a hole in the wall. Despite all this, they would get drunk and do it all again the next weekend. I don’t think they were alcoholics, but I always wondered why they didn’t think twice about how alcohol was affecting their lives and our shared home. – Amanda, from Guelph

Story Sample 2

You can Share Your Stories e.g.
In my home-town, drinking and driving seems common. Even when I was in high-school, it didn’t carry the same stigma that it does in other places. Several of my high-school classmates or students of a similar age were injured or killed in serious collisions that occurred because a driver was drinking alcohol. People are complacent, they would say “it happens in every generation,” but it’s not acceptable. It’s not cool and the consequences are too devastating to measure. Most recently, a crash involving alcohol near my home-town claimed two lives and shattered many others. It doesn’t have to be this way. – Lauren

About Us – Share your stories

Alcohol is everywhere. We find it in grocery stores, at farmer’s markets, the LCBO and countless bars and restaurants. We are constantly bombarded by advertising about the latest novelty beverage or craft brew. Marketing campaigns always highlight the positive aspects of drinking alcohol – having fun, celebrating, connecting with friends or enjoying a cold drink on a hot day.
You can Share Your Stories e.g.
In reality, there is another side to the story. Alcohol has a profound impact on people and communities. Alcohol puts more Canadians in the hospital than heart attacks. It can lead to injuries, disease, family issues, legal problems and financial concerns. It contributes to crime, violence, vandalism and community disruption. Every year, alcohol strains our local healthcare, justice, and municipal resources. We don’t often talk about these issues. Locally, residents of Guelph and Wellington County are more likely to drink in a high-risk way than the rest of Ontarians.

LAST CALL – Real Stories about Alcohol’s Impact in Guelph and Wellington County aims to start a conversation about the ways alcohol causes harm in our communities. We talked with a diverse group of community members about their perspectives on alcohol-related harms in Guelph and Wellington County. We heard stories about personal, health, family, professional and financial impacts of alcohol use. When you start to add up the harms, the real cost of alcohol may surprise you.

This campaign is an initiative of the Alcohol Harm Prevention Working Group of the Wellington Guelph Drug Strategy that has been supported by Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health.

For help with alcohol, drugs, or mental health concerns in Guelph and Wellington County, contact Here 24/7: 1 844 437 3247 (Here247).

This initiative is made possible by the Community Fund for Canada’s 150th, a collaboration between The Guelph Community Foundation, the Government of Canada, and, extraordinary leaders from coast to coast to coast.