October 31, 2017

Alcohol’s Impact

Alcohol use causes illness, injuries and deaths, leading to pain and suffering for people and families. As a result, alcohol use represents an immense costs to our healthcare system.

Hundreds of hospital visits each year in Guelph and Wellington County are directly linked with alcohol use, causing great pain and suffering for victims and families, as well as a burden on our healthcare system.

Alcohol use has a serious effect on the wellbeing of families in our community.

Approximately 35% of domestic violence cases are linked to alcohol use.

Police deal with many alcohol-related incidents in our community and on our roads, many with serious consequences. Nearly 25% of driving fatalities are related to alcohol.

Many young adults experience negative consequences from drinking alcohol, including hangovers, violence and poor academic performance.

Alcohol consumption creates and worsens many issues for municipalities and property owners, including noise, litter, vandalism and the destruction of property.

Alcohol use can come at a high personal cost and can impact many areas of a person’s life:

  • Alcohol use, even at moderate levels, can cause many immediate and long-term medical issues (e.g., alcohol poisoning, injuries, cancer, digestive diseases, addiction, fetal alcohol spectrum disorders).
  • Alcohol use impairs decision making and motor control leading to riskier behaviours and negative outcomes (e.g., violence, risk taking, injury).
  • Alcohol use affects memory and other brain functions and can lead to impaired work functioning and poor academic performance.
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